Play slot machines for free – online!

Play 14 free slot machines! With a one-time premium fee, further innovations and slot machines are available. By registering, you will receive a Coins account free of charge, which can be replenished at any time free of charge. You will get full access to all slot machines, including premium ones. No installations necessary (Flash based).

By the way, we are NOT a casino!
This is NOT a real money game!

Duel Mode

What is a duel mode. In short, 2-10 players, one bet, 30 min. time, the winner receives
the wager of the other player.

Up to 5-10 players possible, betting up to 80’000 coins, pure tension, 30 min. to 300 min. adjustable.
The Firework can even be divided into levels, so the game system is freely selectable.

We recommend that you become a „Premium Member“. You support this platform enormously and secure the further
Development of new vending machines.

Information about our slot machines

The slot machines work in the browser with the Flash Player from Adobe, which is usually already installed.
All machines pay more than 100% and should be fun. We call the currency here „Coins“ and by a short registration
each receives 5,000 coins. If the coins are used up, 5000 can be added to your Coins account again for free with a single click.

Slot machines that have a small trophy in front of them in the navigation are obliged to „Premium“, whereby some test games are also included free of charge.

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